My Holy Grail Skincare Products

Hands up who else finds the variety of different skincare brands and products on the market overwhelming? Who else has spent more money than you care to admit on products that have been nothing short of useless? My answer to both questions was yes…until I got serious about my skincare routine.

As a teenager, I had skin as soft as a baby’s bottom and not a blemish in sight. Having reached your early 20’s and managing to escape the dreaded acne associated with your awkward teenage years, one would assume you are out of the woods right? Wrong!

In my mid 20’s a bout of nightmare adult acne struck which was impossible to shift. I went to my GP, dermatologists, used topical creams, took antibiotics…literally everything. It eventually cleared up (mainly due to taking medication) but it always felt like a bad breakout was only around the corner. Once I got engaged and with the thoughts of a wedding looming on the horizon, I decided to finally get serious about my skincare. I began a course of treatments called Jet Peels in Therapie Clinic which were really effective at keeping my skin clear, smooth and wedding ready. The best thing to come out of the treatments though was being introduced to Image Skincare products. Game Changer. That was 4 years ago and to this day I am a devoted fan!


Obviously everyone’s skin is different and what works for me may not work for you, but I wanted to do up a quick post on these products for anyone looking to shake up their current routine. Image Skincare products are developed by chemists and doctors and, unlike other product ranges, treat the skin at the deepest level as opposed to just the surface. I mainly use the Vital C range which is a collection of products rich in anti-oxidants which soothe, nourish and protect your skin. My skincare routine, outlined below, is predominantly Image products with the exception of my cleanser which is Jan Marini.

Cleanser – Bioglycolic Face Cleanser by Jan Marini

I came back from a 3 day bender at Electric Picnic music festival looking every inch the girl who had spent 3 days in a field drinking and getting no sleep. With grey, blotchy skin I went to a fabulous clinic called No. 3 Herbert Street for a facial and begged them to make me look human again (Martha is a magician!). As a takeaway from the treatment, I started using this deep exfoliating cleaner in the morning and night. The main ingredient is glycolic acid which is known to stimulate collagen and tighten pores. The result has been clearer skin, tighter pores and a reduction in the appearance of those pesky fine lines that appear out of nowhere once you hit 30.

Serum – Vital C Hydrating Anti-aging Serum 

If you are not using a serum, start. Now. This super hydrating serum contains vitamins A, C and E and potent antioxidants and rejuvenates dry and dull skin. I use this morning and night under my moisturiser.

Moisturiser – Vital C Hydrating Intense Moisturiser

This moisturiser is really hydrating without being thick or greasy. It almost instantly improves the appearance and brightness of your skin, is packed with antioxidants and absorbs quickly.


Eye Cream – The Max Stem Cell Eye Creme

Listen to those people who tell you to start using an eye cream in your 20’s. This little miracle in a bottle contains ingredients derived from plant stem cells and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and under eye puffiness. I use this morning and night and find it also improves dark circles when I am tired.

Mask – Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque

I am absolutely addicted to this mask and use it a couple of times a week. Like all Vital C products it smells like oranges (love) and exfoliates away dull, dead skin and helps get the glow back! I love putting this on for a while before I apply my makeup for a night out. I find it helps my foundation sit better on my skin.

Aside from using good products, staying hydrated with lots of water is also a no brainer. I have also found drinking hot water with lemon every morning has had a really positive impact on my skin. While the above products are on the more expensive end of the spectrum, for me their results are undeniable. If you are looking for a new skincare routine, I highly recommend speaking to a professional who can advise you before buying any products. And at the end of the day, we all spend money on clothes we don’t need so don’t put a price on your skin.


Stylishly yours,

Trish xx

2 thoughts on “My Holy Grail Skincare Products

  1. Identical to my regime except I also love the Kinvara rosehip serum. I honestly think the Image products are well worth every cent though.


    1. I absolutely love the Image products and while they’re on the expensive side, they really last. I also see much better results that with other products that only treat the surface of your skin. I’ve heard great things about the Kinvara serum must check it out xx


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