Layering Like A Pro

Hello lovelies,

You may have noticed that I have been a little quiet over here on the blog for the past couple of weeks. We have recently moved from Dublin to Galway so have spent the last couple of weeks moving in to our new house and generally just trying to get settled into life in a different city. It was also my 33rd birthday last week and in typical Leo style, I dragged the celebrations out over a couple of days. So with all the life stuff that has been going on, I have found it difficult to motivate myself to blog. However, I’m back in the saddle and ready to talk to you all about layering!

dress over jeans
Image via Pinterest

Irish summers are a thing of great frustration and can be very difficult to dress for. One day can be 24 degrees and sunny and the next can be 15 degrees and sideways raining. A typical Irish summer day can involve all of the above.  Enter layering a dress over jeans, my top styling tip for navigating the erratic summer weather while still getting to wear your light summer dresses.

Layering a dress over jeans is a trend that comes around every couple of years and once a trend is championed by our favourite street style stars then you know it is here to stay. While I get that it is not for everyone, it is most definitely a style that makes your wardrobe work extra hard for you. It is a great alternative to the “jeans and a nice top” outfit and can really extend the life of your favourite summer frocks. Of course, it’s not just your frilly summer maxis that you can layer over your Levi’s, a slip dress over a basic tee looks great over jeans as does that fancy dress you have been saving for a special occasion.

dress over jeans 2
Image via Pinterest

Wearing a dress over jeans might seem like a tricky style to pull off but by following a few simple rules you can totally nail it. Make sure the hemline of your dress is slightly cropped, ankle skimming lengths or slightly shorter work well. Look for dresses with movement in lightweight materials as this creates a contrast with the weight of the denim. Cotton shirt dresses and feather light tulle and chiffon styles work really well. As for the jeans, straight leg or boyfriend styles work well. While raw edges and turned up hems can add a little more edge to the look. When it comes to footwear, right now I am pairing my dress and jeans combos with flat mules.

dress over jeans 4
Image via Pinterest

And if you think this is a style just for summer, think again. This is a look that will work right into AW too just swap out lighter denim for a darker wash and replace mules for oh so hot right now sock boots or sling back kitten heels. Below I have linked some of my favourite pieces to help you construct your own dress over jeans look. You can shop the items directly by clicking on the images.

Will you be trying this look?

Stylishly yours,

Trish xx


asymetric dress

beaded tulle

mango tulle

ruffle sleeve

stories slip dress

zara floral dress


stories jeans

zara turn ups

topshop dree

topshop black


sling back

yellow sock

check heels

red boots

mango velvet

zara floral boots


3 thoughts on “Layering Like A Pro

  1. I like this trend because it is an easy way to extend the life of my summer dresses and it creates a cool and casual look. Nice tips about the fabrics. Keep in touch. Dominique


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