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We Were On A Break!

Hello world, it’s been a while! You might have noticed (or maybe you didn’t at all!) that it’s been a minute since I last wrote a blog post. Over the last few months I took a step away from blogging and didn’t write any new content. In some ways, this wasn’t a conscious decision…life gets busy, other priorities take over, you know the way. Myself … Continue reading We Were On A Break!

Digital Detoxing & Winter Woolies

Happy almost weekend everyone (can it just be Friday now please?). Hope you all have had a great week so far! It’s been a busy but productive week for me with a couple of exciting new developments on the work front since my last blog post which detailed my recent relocation to Galway. Life has a funny way of pleasantly surprising you sometimes but I really … Continue reading Digital Detoxing & Winter Woolies

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Big Life Changes & Unlikely AW Style Heroes

You may have noticed that I have been pretty quiet here on the blog over the last couple of weeks…at least I hope you’ve noticed and I’m not just here talking to myself! As some of you may know, I recently relocated from Dublin to Galway after 10 years living in the city and so have been a little distracted with all things move related. … Continue reading Big Life Changes & Unlikely AW Style Heroes

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The Lessons I’ve Learned Through Blogging!

The Savvy Sartorialist is six months old this week and I also reached 5k followers on Instagram! Both are important milestones on my blogging journey so I wanted to write a post reflecting on what I’ve learned in the last six months as well as my tips for anyone thinking of starting a blog. I also wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone … Continue reading The Lessons I’ve Learned Through Blogging!

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Style Staples: The Holiday Edit

Hands up if you find packing for holidays stressful?! Booking flights, finding a dreamy Air BnB and researching peak Instagram opportunities are all the easy parts. Between annoying baggage allowances and the fear of under-packing, I always find it difficult to pack for a holiday. I always aim to pack light and only bring versatile essentials that can be worn and styled in different ways, … Continue reading Style Staples: The Holiday Edit

My Top 5 Work-Friendly Coffee Shops in Dublin

Happy Tuesday lovelies! And it’s a sunny one here in Dublin town 🙂 So any of my readers who know me well, know that I am a full blown coffee addict (and self confessed coffee snob!). I literally cannot function until I’ve had that first cup in the morning and I think the quote “first we have the coffee, then we do the things” sums … Continue reading My Top 5 Work-Friendly Coffee Shops in Dublin

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My Holy Grail Skincare Products

Hands up who else finds the variety of different skincare brands and products on the market overwhelming? Who else has spent more money than you care to admit on products that have been nothing short of useless? My answer to both questions was yes…until I got serious about my skincare routine. As a teenager, I had skin as soft as a baby’s bottom and not … Continue reading My Holy Grail Skincare Products