Look Insanely Stylish in 6 Steps

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – YSL

If, like me, you have repetitive strain in your thumb from scrolling through instagram then you will identify with the seemingly endless images of impossibly stylish women. It can all be a bit overwhelming and it can be hard to know the right things to do all the time. But my fashionable friends, achieving that super polished look is much simpler than those glossy images can lead you to believe.

Recently, in a bid to stop throwing my money away on fast fashion, I have been thinking about how to upgrade my look in the style stakes. Observing some of the most stylish women in the world (Olivia Palermo is always my go-to for inspo!) a few common styling tricks are evident.

1. Well Tailored, Perfectly Fitting Clothes

It might seem like a no brainer but the first step to looking more stylish is ensuring your clothes are well made and fit you perfectly. While you don’t need OP’s budget to achieve this I do think it is worth investing more in certain key pieces like coats and jeans/ trousers as fit and tailoring is so important with these items.

2. High Octane Accessories

As my home-girl and accessories queen, Iris Apfel once said “Jewellery is the most transformative thing you can wear” and isn’t she dead right. It is no secret that the right accessories can really make an outfit. Look for pieces that have character but are not too OTT; bigger doesn’t always mean better (unless you’re Iris!). Think oversize sunnies, statement earrings, cocktail rings and killer necklaces.

3. Luxe-Looking Handbags

A great handbag is a good way to instantly upgrade your look and give it a high end feel. Obviously, your choice depends on your budget but when shopping for a handbag look for real leather and minimalism avoiding lots of detail and logos/ branding. The simplicity will give the bag a longer lifespan and more flexibility in terms of how you style it.

4. Crowning Glory

What is a great outfit without a glossy mane to match? Ensuring your hair looks styled and healthy is key to looking more stylish and put together. Now I get it, some days my hair is 90% dry shampoo and I favour 10 more minutes in bed over washing my hair. On these days take inspo from Ms. Palermo herself and rock a “I woke up like this” messy pony or a sleek bun.

5. Stylists Tips and Tricks

Elevating your look can be as simple as looping your belt a certain way, half-tucking in your shirt or slouching up the sleeves on your coat/ blazer. These simple tricks are loved by stylists and celebs and can transform you in an instant.

6. Best Foot Forward

Your footwear choice can also instantly change the look of your outfit. And while I am all for trainers, sometimes a pointed court shoe or a stylish flat can take your look to the next level. Luckily loafers and flat mules are oh so hot rn so you can be stylish and comfortable. Whatever your footwear choice, make sure your shoes are not grubby or damaged as nothing will ruin the look faster than a manky shoe!

So next time you’re scrolling through instagram and thinking you can’t achieve those stylish looks just remember these simple steps and ask yourself “What would Olivia do?”. And above all, fashion is meant to be fun so find your own personal style and enjoy!

Stylishly yours,

Trish xx


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